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Promise of Spring

The Promise of Spring

Spring is a wonderful time of growth and rejuvenation — it always promises advancement away from the darker days of winter. BestPossible living is like that — it involves purposeful use of our freewill to move consciously, deliberately, and steadily away from darkness toward the brightest-possible end of our Quality of Life continuums.

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Just as the new life and growth of Spring adds nourishment, strength, and stature to nature’s life-forms, our BestPossibles continually get better as we advance toward bright horizons. As we move toward the best we can be, we gain experience, skills, knowledge, and wisdom that make our best-selves endlessly better.

What I call BestPossible living is not just possible but it is the intent of nature for all life-forms. Especially during Spring but year round, plants and animals are programmed, biologically and instinctively, to live optimally. We humans are also equipped by nature to live best-possible lives, but because we must act by freewill instead of by pre-programming, for us optimal living requires our choice.

To lead near-optimal lives it is helpful to know that because it is nature’s design many millions are already doing it. It is quite natural for us to live as close to the bright side of our Quality-of-Life continuum as we can. Of the people alive in our world today, the vast majority have wholesome moral compasses and want to prosper and live free, peaceful lives. Roughly 7.5 billion people are alive in our world today. Based on the normal-distribution of a bell-shaped quality-of-life curve, about five percent of the world’s population live within 20 percent of BestPossible. This means more than 375 million people are already enjoying close to BestPossible living.

I have always liked the changing of seasons and enjoy the beauty and adventure they offer. They unveil varieties of flavor and scenery to be savored along my life journey, but unlike plants and animals, I remain free year round to pursue purposes of my choice. And I know that my choices are what determine my en-route quality of life be it Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall.

BestPossible living is to realize the promises of new spring days throughout all seasons. The bright-side of life is forever—it beckons with growth and vitality.

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—Gene Bryan

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