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Nature of BestPossible

Nature of BestPossible

I coined the word BestPossible to name a superlative beacon for all occasions, all endeavors, and all our journeys through time—long or short. I first intended the word to be a noun, but it was soon used by my clients as an adjective to label plans, teams, and resources put together to achieve BestPossible, the noun.

By composition and definition the two-part word BestPossible is both achievable and best as defined by you. Because only you can know your complacencies, ambitions and aspirations, it is a word that honors who and what you prefer to be and do.

The beacon we can call Destination BestPossible has many attributes. Here are the ten that best define its specialness:

  1. Universal — Destination BestPossible is a beacon for all human endeavors and organizational missions. But these missions are universal in concept only. We all have a unique BestPossible for each of our endeavors, such as earning a merit badge, picking a church, choosing a career, planning a vacation, or creating the kind of person we want to be.
  2. Honorable — Destination BestPossible applies only to worthy, honorable endeavors and missions. It makes no sense for bad or evil objectives.
  3. Self-Defined — Every person has a unique, optimal level of performance defined by his or her purpose, capabilities, and circumstances. Only you know your purposes, aspirations, priorities, levels of ambitions, and current circumstances.
  4. Purpose Dependent — BestPossible pertains to a specific purpose or goal. Be it a simple task or a major undertaking, each has a best-possible outcome.
  5. Time Dependent — Every BestPossible’s time frame ties to its purpose. It can extend a day, a week, a month, a year, or a lifetime. We can also have achievable waypoints of variable time frames to serve as interim BestPossibles along main journeys through time. This means we can enjoy success from day one and all along our way.
  6. Inspirational — BestPossible is a highly motivating and inspiring goal. Just as Mother Nature provides rewards for success as incentives for more success, so does working toward becoming the best we can be. The same applies to working to become better because becoming better requires steps toward brightest possible horizons.
  7. Always Rewarding — all steps forward deliver inevitable rewards of success. When you set BestPossible as your goal, your material and psychological rewards become amplified as you approach your destination.
  8. Always a Way — by definition, BestPossible is always achievable whatever your present position.
  9. Never Too Late — For the same reason, it’s never too late to achieve a best-possible outcome whatever your purpose and circumstances all things considered.
  10. Always Best — because each of your BestPossibles are self-defined based on your values, purposes, ambitions, capabilities, and aspirations, all reflect what deem to be best-possible results.

Perhaps the best thing about the BestPossible concept is that as we advance toward our destinations, we gain experience, skills, knowledge, and wisdom that continuously make our BestPossibles better.

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