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Why Capitalism?
Fourteen Answers from Mother Nature

THIS BOOK COMES FROM its author’s lifelong studies of nature and natural laws. It clearly outlines the importance of living in tune with nature on the bright side of life.

Through an inspiring look at the value and benefits of capitalism in both American and international societies, the author explores the wealth of progress and amazing advantages that capitalism brings to our civilization. Why Capitalism? Fourteen Answers from Mother Nature reveals how capitalism is truly the foundation and heartbeat of the free world.

The author clearly establishes the purpose of the book and the benefits the reader will gain from reading his many revelations. They will learn that capitalism is simply a natural win-win system of exchanges values for greater values.

The author uses his uniquely focused studies of nature to demonstrate that capitalism is as basic and essential to the human experience as nature herself.

Gene Bryan clearly and convincingly shows the value and necessity of capitalism from a universal, nature-driven perspective.

Why Capitalism

Surprisingly, this book shows we are well on the way in the evolution of a peaceful, prosperous civilization. With social success comes economic growth. Our world’s economic wealth has increased more than 18,000 percent in the last 250 years (only 0.5 percent of modern human’s history). During the same period, most of our world’s nations have become democracies. These two facts speak to the effectiveness of capitalism as nature’s fountainhead of freedom, peace, and prosperity.

Rather than being about the world as it is today, this book paints a bright picture of humanity’s inevitable, nature-aligned future. It positively shows why what we now call capitalism has been and always will be the prime driver in the evolution of civilization.

This book comes from a scientist’s highly focused studies of nature. His most significant revelation is that capitalism is a manifestation of nature; not a human contrivance. When this fact of reality becomes widely known and accepted, it will accelerate humanity’s advancements toward ever-brightening horizons.

Being based on laws of nature, this book is more about the near and distant futures of humanity than about our world’s current local, national, and international situations.


  • Profit is a mandate of nature. To survive and thrive, all lifeforms must gain more than they expend in their life-sustaining activities.
  • Capitalism is a manifestation of nature; not a human contrivance. It enables nature’s profit mandates.
  • Capitalism is doing what comes naturally; we survive and thrive through our life-promoting exchanges of values.
  • As a gift of nature, capitalism is humane in all regards. It’s her path to happiness.
  • Our freewill adds diversity to our own lives and the world around us. Rather than seeing inequality as an injustice, we should recognize it as the wonderful gift of nature.
  • Because our profit mandates and capitalism are manifestations of nature that will not change with time; their life-promoting effects will last forever.
  • Capitalism is the foundation of the economics of life. As such, it’s the primary driver of the evolution of civilization.
  • The year 1776 marked the start of humanity’s Great Escape from servitude. Since then, the world’s economic wealth has increased more than 18,000 percent.
  • Along with nature’s three laws of profit, her manifestation of capitalism is part of our reality. It will provide humanity with incentives and rewards through perpetuity.


Prologue: Revelations

Part One: Awakenings

Chapter 1 – Humanity’s Great Escape
Chapter 2 – Economics of Life
Chapter 3 – Fountainhead of Freedom
Chapter 4 – Nature’s Intent
Chapter 5 – Nature’s Gift of Freewill
Chapter 6 – Destination BestPossible
Chapter 7 – Evolution of Civilization

Part Two: Dawning of Freedom

Chapter 8 – Free-Market Capitalism
Chapter 9 – Escaping Social Slavery
Chapter 10 – New Age of Enlightenment
Chapter 11 – Totalitarian Time Bombs

Part Three: Bright Horizons

Chapter 12 – Leading the Way
Chapter 13 – BestPossible Nations
Chapter 14 – Nature-Aligned Civilization

Epilogue: Golden Skies

Appendix A: Fourteen Answers
Appendix B: Chapter Highlights
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