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From time to time, we post graphical BestPossible posts to our Facebook page. Check out some of these posts below. Click to view larger.

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Nature of BestPossible

I coined the word BestPossible to name a superlative beacon for all occasions, all endeavors, and all our journeys through time—long or short. I first intended the word to be a noun, but it was soon used by my clients as an adjective to label plans, teams, and resources put together to achieve BestPossible, the noun. By composition and definition the two-part word BestPossible is both achievable and best as defined by you. Because only you can know your complacencies, ambitions and aspirations, it is a word that honors who and what you prefer to be and do. The beacon…

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Promise of Spring

Spring is a wonderful time of growth and rejuvenation — it always promises advancement away from the darker days of winter. BestPossible living is like that — it involves purposeful use of our freewill to move consciously, deliberately, and steadily away from darkness toward the brightest-possible end of our Quality of Life continuums. Quality-of-Life Just as the new life and growth of Spring adds nourishment, strength, and stature to nature’s life-forms, our BestPossibles continually get better as we advance toward bright horizons. As we move toward the best we can be, we gain experience, skills, knowledge, and wisdom that make…

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Love of Life

"Love of life advances quality of life" Valentine’s Day is a day for expressing and sharing love we feel all year long. Like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, we can think of it as Love’s Day – a time of reflection and celebration of our love of life and all the joy and happiness it brings. I have wonderful memories of my boyhood challenges and adventures of living in the ghettos of Southtown Chicago during the last two years of World War II. Although it was a gloomy time all around me, nothing could stop me from enjoying every day…

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BestPossible Living

If there was a sure way to make the rest of our years the best they could be, who would not choose to go that way? Good news! There is such a way, and it is actually nature’s intended path for all humanity. Because we are born with only one life to live, BestPossible living makes good sense, and it’s not as hard as it may seem. Living in harmony with nature and going with the flow of nature means enjoying paths of least resistance. By definition you can be your BestPossible self. BestPossible living is not as unusual or…

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