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BestPossible Books Overview

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
Albert Einstein

All BestPossible-based books are based on laws of nature with primary focus on human nature. Almost all problems in our world come from people in positions of power trying to reshape nature instead of going with and enjoying her flow.

Mother Nature intends for all lifeforms to experience BestPossible lives. While plants and animals do so through biological programming and instinct, we humans are required to use our nature-endowed mental toolkits and freewill to determine how well we live.

Human life starts and ends with individuals; all creativity and advancements of civilization come first from minds of individuals. For this reason you will find all books of this series founded on how we acting alone or as contributors to missions of organizations can help keep all of us better aligned with nature for more free, peaceful and prosperous lives, communities and nations.

January 2021

Why Capitalism?

Fourteen Answers from Mother Nature

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Why Capitalism

December 2017

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Always a Way, Never Too Late

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