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“I think this book will appeal to the wide audience … ‘all ages, genders, races, colors, professions, and religions.’ It would make a great college graduation gift, as it provides a way to break down tasks into ‘subjourneys’ and reminds the reader to enjoy the accomplishment of all steps along the way, not just the achievement of the ultimate goal.”

– Lisa, CreateSpace Editor

“It was such a treat to read your inspirational manuscript. I enjoyed learning from your advice and hearing about your personal anecdotes. It was so interesting to learn about what enabled you to formulate many of the motivational ideas in your book. I think that your readers will come away from your book feeling empowered and eager to face the world—and its challenges—with a new outlook for achieving BestPossible.”

– Ellen, CreateSpace Editor

“This book was written incredibly well. It’s full of information that will help you take life into your own hands and find your best possible way to live!”

– Dom Hurley

“Great Book. I recommend it for all ages. It provides an opportunity to review your life, and your choices now, and provides an opportunity to refresh your thinking and renew your feelings about yourself and your options to make life better, not only for you, but for those around you. It’s a great way to recharge the human batteries that that provide you with the Power of Positive Thinking. This is truly the “Best Possible” way of improving your life. It’s worth every minute of your time. Don’t just skim it, read it, you won’t regret It.”

– Jim Garske

“A concise guide for a great life — this book is a clear, concise, comprehensive guide for how to achieve the most out of your life. If only we could get all young people to read this book. It could help them have a great life.”

– Jon Tompkins

“Amazing guide to enjoying the Best Possible life. Driven by endless curiosity and drawing from a deep well of knowledge gained through a lifetime of study and observation, Dr. Bryan has created a masterpiece that offers guidance for the complex journey that we each must navigate through life. The book will stimulate and inspire one to deliberately plan for success then quite naturally make the appropriate decisions necessary to see the visualized objective realized. In a very readable and straightforward style he offers suggestions that are intended to help the reader consider, then opt for the easiest pathway to the Best Possible Living. Bryan argues convincingly that continually moving with thoughtful determination toward a Best Possible outcome will reward one with the greatest measure of peace, happiness, and security. I highly recommend this book as an inspirational read to anyone interested in optimizing their journey through life.”

– A. E. Rouse

“This book was an easy read, and very uplifting. The information provided was researched and written in a lovely consolidated format that made it simple for those who are new to these concepts and also refreshing for those who are aware of these tools but unsure of how to best utilize them. BestPossible is a lifestyle and reality, and I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to better {or best} their life.”

– Risa Teicheira

“Interesting read as well as a great motivation in my life — Very inspirational book that can change your views on the beauty of life. Overall a fantastic book.”

– Sandy Johnson

“WOW, I want to strive for BestPossible always!!! — BestPossible is a great book, a great concept, and Dr. Bryan is very organized and concise in his delivery. If you’re looking to improve yourself, your life, and just get inspired for personal growth I’d highly recommend this book for you.”

– Craig Hamilton

“This should be mandatory reading in our schools. There are so few moments in life when you are exposed to someone who simply “gets it”…. Dr. Bryan has a solid grasp on the fundamentals of life and shares its natural process in a way that makes everyone want to scramble to live life according to its rules. Thank you Dr. Bryan for this wonderful dose of high-intensity oxygen for our cluttered and clouded minds.”

– Peter Thomas

“Great Life Road Map! — Dr. Bryan does an amazing job explaining all the components that will help us live the Best Life Possible! Through his clear explanations, I have learned some very valuable tools for my “Tool Box for Life”. I highly encourage everyone to read this book! I’m sure glad I did.”

– Todd Cover

“Inspiring book with many great tips to improve one’s outlook on life — I would highly recommend reading this at any age. The author is easy to follow and makes many interesting points regarding topics such as our “free will” and circumstances. Definitely a must-read for your self-actualization book list!”

– Brittni Cooper

“This book will help you live the best life you can…it did for me. – This was a fantastic book that I’ve already recommended to many of my peers. It helps you become your Best Possible self so you can live your Best Possible life. Very enjoyable read as well as easy to relate to. Highly recommended.”

– Devon Stanzione

“A great “How To” when wanting to take positive life steps — Well written, and inspiring. Offers a well-organized “how to” when making steps to have a better and more meaningful life. It’s a book that I’ll keep in my lending library at my office for my clients.”

– Jason Friedman

“This book offers great insight and encouragement – this is a wonderful book for everyone. It is positive encouragement with relational stories that helped me identify with the personality of the writer. The concepts are clear and concise. They are grouped in multiple ways throughout … for learning reinforcement. I felt that this style helped me to remember the ideas and goals without feeling overwhelmed with information. There are also chapter summaries at the end of the book. I found these helpful to review key points from the chapters. What I like most about this book is that it does not judge or make the reader feel wrong. I did not feel like a broken person that needed to be “fixed” with the book’s wisdom as I have with other self-help books. Instead, the book helped me to pay attention to the strengths and weaknesses I have. It encouraged me to notice my strengths so that I can embrace the things about me I want to keep, and challenged me to change the things about me that aren’t helping me have my bestpossible life. Great book!”

– Carrie DeJohn

“BestPossible Living should be taught to every human being. I think it should be mandatory reading for all parents to be read and discussed in small pre-school parent groups as self-help in developing self-confidence. As an older person I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and will give the book as gifts to all the younger members of my family. One should never stop working to be the BestPossible person they can be.”

– Jeanette Chamberlain

“Great for all ages—young and old—extremely motivational. Quick, inspiring read. It is never too late to live your best possible life and do the best for yourself as well as others. This book was easy to follow and gave advice on everything from financial success to emotional wellness to physical wellbeing. It was great to read some of the author’s personal experiences. Definitely came away with a positive outlook.”

– Rebecca J. Bettin

“This was a good read. What I took away from this book is that we all are in charge of our own happiness. We are the master of our own universe. We all have purpose in life and we just need to dig deep to find it.”

– Angus MacLean

“A great read filled with important life lessons — this is a real world, practical handbook for how to live the best life you can imagine. I have highly recommended this book to my daughters and my father. Dr. Bryan has encapsulated complex ideas into simple and applicable daily practices. Plus it is a great entertaining read.”

– Randen Traughber

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