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BestPossible Defined

Dr. Bryan coined the word BestPossible to name a superlative beacon for all occasions – for all endeavors, for all of our journeys through time be they long or short. He first intended the word to be a noun but it soon became used by his clients as an adjective to label plans, teams and resources put together to go for BestPossible, the noun. He eventually realized BestPossible was a fitting label for nature’s intent for human life from the beginning of time.

Because best-possible living is nature’s intent, most people naturally set out implicitly to do the best they can when undertaking an important task. The differences between implied and deliberate efforts partially explains why only about five percent of our adult population lead superlative lives while most others fall near average along the bell-curve of normal distribution. Explicate goals serve better than undeliberate travel.

Attributes of Destination BestPossible
  1. Universal — Beacon for all human endeavors and organizational missions. But they are universal in concept only – We all have a unique BestPossible for each of our endeavors such as earning a merit badge, picking a church, choosing a career, planning a vacation or creating the kind of person you want to be.
  2. Honorable — Destination BestPossible applies only to worthy, honorable endeavors and missions. It makes no sense for bad or evil objectives.
  3. Self-Defined — Every person has a unique optimal level of performance defined by his or her purpose, capabilities and circumstances. Only you know your purposes, aspirations, priorities, levels of ambitions and current circumstances. But you ask “How does all this help me know what is my BP?” It is all about perception — we can perceive only what is possible and we can do what we perceive. As we advance, our perceptions deepen and our horizons broaden (more on this in later chapters)
  4. Time Dependent — Every BestPossible’s timeframe ties to its purpose. It can reach out a day, week, month, year or a lifetime. We can also have achievable waypoints of variable timeframes to serve as interim BestPossibles along main journeys through time. This means we can enjoy success from day one and all along our way.
  5. Inspirational — BestPossible is a highly motivating and inspiring goal. Just as Mother Nature provides rewards for success as incentives for more success, so does working toward becoming the best we can be. The same applies to working to become better — because becoming better requires steps toward brightest possible horizons.
  6. Rewarding — All steps forward delivers inevitable rewards of success. When you set a BP as your goal, your material and psychological rewards become amplified as you approach your destination.
  7. Always a Way, Never too late — BestPossible is always an attainable goal; that’s the special meaning of the two-part noun. It is by definition achievable no matter the person’s present position. It marks what is possible, all things considered. Also by definition, it is never too late to go for BestPossible.

Nature is all about survival. To this end, she promotes all forms of life with her flawless incentive plan that inspires action by rewarding success. Through creation, evolution, mutation – or some mix of the three – all forms of life are naturally equipped for best-possible living. But unlike plants and animals that are pre-programmed for optimal life, we humans live by choice and have to find our own ways through a world of endless possibilities and pitfalls.

Because nature is about survival and advancement, we simply need to follow her lead. By doing all we can to live optimal lives, we are in harmony with nature while reaping the daily and lifetime rewards of wholesome living.

All that we do works either for or against nature. This is to say, our actions and decisions either honor or violate natural law. This holds true for all human endeavors, whether we’re working as individuals or as part of an organization. In this regard, the pursuit of BestPossible puts us in harmony with nature’s intent.

Destination BestPossible

Our life journeys will be most successful when all that we do is aimed directly at Destination BestPossible. Because circumstances, capabilities and opportunities continually change, so does the state of BestPossible. The destination may appear to be a fixed point on the horizon, but, consistent with the unlimited power of human creativity, it moves outward when approached. BestPossible improves as we improve. As such, there will never be an end to our opportunities and to the rewards of our accomplishments.

Be it a personal endeavor, a company mission, a nonprofit venture or a public-sector service, every enterprise has a unique BestPossible upon which it can focus its efforts and identify a sharply defined objective.

Qualifying as a BestPossible self or enterprise doesn’t require you to have arrived at a destination. Your venture can be a BestPossible life or enterprise simply by proclamation! BestPossible occurs when you proclaim BestPossible to be your next day’s, month’s and year’s “destination” and when you start to plan and act accordingly.

Achievement Continuum

BestPossible is a new name for a destination that has always been, and will always be, a viable target for personal and organizational performance. Every person and organization has its own unique performance continuum, fields of opportunities and BestPossibles for all of their endeavors.

All of our opportunities for improvements and advancements are between where we now are and where we perceive, envision and believe we could and would like to be. All are in our fields of opportunities—there is no place else to look. When we become skilled at finding and prioritizing the best of our opportunities, we can deliberately move toward our BestPossibles. And the wonderful thing is that as we traverse across our fields of opportunities our BestPossibles get better—they get better as we get better.

Quality of Life

BestPossible defines the best outcome that is achievable given current capabilities, opportunities and circumstances. This means there is always a way and is never too late to go for it whatever your starting point.

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