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Defining Features

BestPossible is possible – by definition. It is where we should all be heading. It is where we can be given our limitations, resources, capabilities and opportunities. Whatever our company’s mission, that mission will be more effectively served by discovering and applying the concept of BestPossible for our increasingly competitive journey ahead.

1. Universal
The concept of BestPossible is universally applicable and useful. All companies have ways to improve. They all have to create and execute new plans for advancement. At any point in time, they all have best-possible levels of achievement that are defined by their unique sets of capabilities, limitations, and opportunities. They are all on journeys through time and can choose as their destinations levels of achievements where they can reap BestPossible profits.

2. Company Specific
Every company has a unique performance continuum with a zone of opportunity between its present position and its BestPossible. With advancement, we gain experience, skills, and resources that make our BestPossible better.

3. Time Dependent
BestPossible is time dependant. For every time period (week, month, year), we have an achievable BestPossible. People often assume BestPossible requires perfection and we cannot really get there. Neither is true. We can do better than BestPossible by using creativity to get past the profit constraints that define our BestPossible. Tomorrow, we can leave today’s BestPossible standing as a shining waypoint in our rearview mirror.

4. Inside and Outside the Box
We actually have two BestPossibles at any point in time – one within our present paradigm and one outside the “box” – outside the walls of our paradigm. There is much to be gained by working to be the best we can be within our current perceptions, but our greatest opportunities lie beyond our today’s plans and practices.

5. A Moving and Movable Target
A company’s BestPossible is always on the move. It changes positions with changing markets and its capabilities. The challenge is to keep making BestPossible better. This calls for proactive management supported by high visibility of current and unfolding opportunities.

6. Motivating
BestPossible can be highly motivating and inspiring once we believes it can be done and we can see ways to “get there from here”. When going for BestPossible there will be no failure, only degrees of success to be experienced and enjoyed all along the way. As some astute person observed, “success is a journey, not a destination”.

7. High Leverage
Finally, BestPossible is highly rewarding. It is easy to see the value of harvesting our “low hanging fruit” of better execution. But that value cannot match the bottom-line leverage of our harder to see but readily accessible “high-hanging fruit” that comes with BestPossible planning.

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