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Discovering BestPossible United States of America
Road Mapping for World Peace and Prosperity

This book outlines a nature-based roadmap that will lead “We-the-People” of all nations to be perpetual contributors to BestPossible world peace and prosperity.

From the earliest days of civilization about 50,000 years ago individuals, tribes, communities, and then nations have been seeking ways to survive and flourish in peace. Instead, our history has been mostly a dangerous and often painful struggle into a frightening and uncertain future.

The tide turned dramatically in 1776 with the birth of a nation founded to recognize and honor basic laws of nature. Since The United States of America’s beginning less than 250 years ago (0.0005 percent of the history of civilization), our world’s population  has increased by about 800 percent and its wealth by 99.999 percent.

Today most of the world is at peace but far too many nations are in turmoil and falling far short of optimal happiness and prosperity. Because nature sides with free nations, they will increasingly excel even though they remain in varying degrees misaligned with nature. This must and will change. Based on our rapidly accelerating progress since 1776, we can expect brightening horizons as free, informed people lead our way into the future of humanity.

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Discovering Bestpossible United States of America
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