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BestPossible Book Series

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
Albert Einstein

Here are descriptions of the two initial books of our BestPossible series. Like all the series, both are based on laws of nature with primary focus on human nature. Almost all problems in our world come from people in positions of power trying to reshape nature instead of going with and enjoying her flow. Mother Nature will eventually have her way, and her way is to reward good, wholesome living.

Human life starts and ends with individuals; all creativity and advancements of civilization come first from minds of individuals. For this reason you will find all books of this series founded on how people acting alone or as contributors to missions of organizations can help keep us aligned with nature for more free, peaceful and prosperous lives, communities and nations.


Always a Way, Never Too Late

(To be published summer, 2017)

If there was a sure way to make the rest of your years the best they can be, who would not choose to go that way?  Good news!  There is such a way and it is actually nature’s intended path for all humanity.  Because we are born with only one life to live, BestPossible living makes good sense and it’s not as hard as it may seem; it is simply living in harmony with nature.

This book is not just to help you be more successful in specific pursuits. As you work deliberately to make your life shine, look around and be proud.  You will witness transformations that help brighten paths for others around you; BestPossible living yields widespread rewards.

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Making Ours the Best They Can Be

(Coming Soon)

There’s nothing new about enterprise optimization except its name. It’s been the driving force of civilization’s advancements for more than 50,000 years.

The first part of this book is about private-sector enterprises as they work together as primary creators of wealth and as the prime movers of civilization. We are all key parts of our private sectors. As consumers of food, clothing, homes, transportation and other products, we provide purpose for company existence. All that you see in this book’s cover except its mountains, fog and sunrise came from companies working to meet the needs and wants of people and their communities.

Unlike life forms that evolve over thousands of years, our civilization advances exponentially with human knowledge and creativity. Think of the amazing progress we’ve made over just the past three centuries. This speaks of the creativity of good people working within free markets and to the amazing powers of our quickly expanding body of knowledge. Enterprise optimization is a purposeful act of putting knowledge to work for best-possible companies, communities and nations. With the laws of nature solidly on the side of what is good, we can expect our civilization’s advancements to accelerate throughout its journey through time.

The second part of this book is about how to make companies the best they can be whatever their current circumstances. It offers guidance for owners, leaders and their teams. Recognition and deliberate application of its BestPossible concepts and technologies offers universal value for all readers.

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