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Economic Freedom, Part One: Where the US Stands – and Why

The Fourth of July is a day for all Americans to reflect, appreciate and celebrate our freedom.  It’s what Independence Day is all about. However, our own Declaration of Independence from Great Britain turned out to be a declaration of freedom for the whole world to hear and match. Our country has come a long way since 1776.  After 237 years, let's take a quick look at where we are now and how we got here. Every year the Wall Street Journal and The Heritage Foundation, a Washington, D.C.-based conservative think tank, publishes the Index of Economic Freedom, a study…

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The Noble Nature of Profit

Profit is not a four-letter word.  The more you understand this truth, the less vulnerable you will be. And the more you learn about the noble nature of profit, the more prepared you will be to master your own destiny. Nature promotes all forms of life with a flawless, profit-based incentive plan that inspires action by rewarding success.  Plants profit from their use of sunlight to transform water, soil and atmospheric carbon into a cornucopia of fruits, fiber, refreshed air and seeds for endless propagation.  Birds profit from the energy they invest in annual migrations north or south.  Animals profit…

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The Laws of Profit

Many of nature’s laws have been explicitly recognized and named. Others have not, but they demand adherence just the same. I was surprised when my Internet searches came up empty for any reference to the “law of profit.” I suspect life’s dependence on profit is so obvious that it has escaped formal definition, until now. Based on observation and simple logic, three corollary natural laws of profit are as follows: First Law of Profit: Survival of life requires that the sum of life-sustaining gains be at least equal to the sum of expenditures during life-sustaining activities. Second Law of Profit:…

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Defining Features

BestPossible is possible - by definition. It is where we should all be heading. It is where we can be given our limitations, resources, capabilities and opportunities. Whatever our company's mission, that mission will be more effectively served by discovering and applying the concept of BestPossible for our increasingly competitive journey ahead. 1. Universal The concept of BestPossible is universally applicable and useful. All companies have ways to improve. They all have to create and execute new plans for advancement. At any point in time, they all have best-possible levels of achievement that are defined by their unique sets of…

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