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BestPossible Companies
Making Ours the Best They Can Be

To “support your local economy” is the right thing to do. It adds directly and indirectly to our quality of life. I live in a community with a surrounding population of about 150,000. We have hundreds of companies that provide jobs, paychecks, and a tax-base that build our infrastructures, homes, schools, and grocery stores and pay for all civic services and whatever else we citizens need to live safe, prosperous, happy lives.

These are our companies and whatever we can do to help them thrive will be in our own interest and that of our neighbors, our state, and our nation. As employees, consumers, and civic leaders, we can do much to move our companies toward best-possible levels of success as they serve our needs and wants.

I have good reasons for this book’s title and subtitle. All companies have five classes of constituents: 1) communities; 2) customers; 3) suppliers; 4) employees; and 5) owners. All members of all classes have vested interests in making all of their companies the best they can be.

Another key thing to realize and keep in mind is that each of us is the CEO of our personal enterprise (company) engaged in the management of our lives. As such, we are each members of all five constituent classes. Besides “owning” companies as citizens of communities and nations, over half of us own stock in publicly-traded companies within our investment and retire plans.

Whatever your primary employment, you are part of our private sector. The more you know about its roles and what you can do to make it work better, the more you will profit along your journey through life.

My purpose of writing this book is to share what I have learned about making companies the best they can be and help my readers better understand the essential role our world’s private sectors play in the existence and advancement of civilization. Wealth created by the companies of the world makes life on earth possible — without their successes there would be no humanity.

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BestPossible Companies
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