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Beginning a BestPossible Baseline

Dan Pearson is a serial entrepreneur, having founded marketing and corporate communications consultancies in the Midwest and in England. He is currently the owner of The WWW Group in Portland, Ore., and provides marketing and public relations counsel for BestPossible. 

I recently read a new business book that I would like to recommend for anyone keen to improve profits. Eugene L. Bryan, author and advisor to C-suite executives for more than 40 years, has consolidated decades of management wisdom into a mere 250 pages. His new volume, “The BestPossible Enterprise: A Comprehensive Guide to Optimal Profits,” is now available and, I believe, sure to become a classic. The following is an adapted excerpt:

The Situation Analysis Scorecard allows leaders to identify and understand the changes that each member of their team must make to begin the journey toward BestPossible. The scorecard is a self-test that asks each participant to assign a value, from one (lowest) to 10 (highest), to a range of relevant factors.

Five of those factors are listed on the scorecard below. Provide your answers, add the five values and then divide the total to learn your average score.

Situation Analysis Scorecard

In the comment section below, let us know how you did. Was your average score higher or lower than you’d anticipated? If possible, ask several of your colleagues to complete the scorecard as well, and compare your perceived values to get an idea of where you stand in these prime indicators. You’ll notice that this exercise also demonstrates the value of input in the decision-making process and provides your team with a reliable baseline for its move toward BestPossible.

Eugene Bryan

Dr. Eugene L. Bryan (Gene) is a widely recognized author, speaker and trailblazing authority on the subject of enterprise optimization. Gene's has applied his decades of experience to develop a nature-based method for people of all ages to become their BestPossible selves. His most recent book, Discover BestPossible Living: Always a Way, Never Too Late, provides individuals with insights and lessons they can use to live BestPossible lives.

To purchase Book #1 Discover BestPossible Living on Amazon, click here.

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