• Universal – Superlative beacon for guiding all human endeavors and organizational missions.
  • Time dependent – Useful for all time periods (day, week, month, year, lifetime), we have achievable superior waypoints–interim BestPossibles along our journeys through time. This means we can enjoy success from day one and all along our way.
  • Honorable – By definition, applies only to worthy, honorable endeavors and missions.
  • Unique – Every person, company and other form of enterprise has an unique optimal level of performance defined by purpose, capabilities and circumstances.
  • Outside-the-box – Extends beyond today’s perceptions, pursuits, policies and practices to recognize untapped opportunities for advancements.
  • Inspirational – BestPossible is highly motivating and inspiring once a person or team learns it can be done and sees ways to make it happen.
  • Synergistic – Teams perform best when working toward common, exciting goals. Their highest calling is Destination BestPossible.
  • Forever rewarding – All steps forward delivers never-ending rewards.
  • Always a way, never too late – BestPossible is by definition achievable no matter present position and circumstances
  • BestPossible is forever – It continually gets better with advancements in experience, wisdom and gains of resources.

BestPossible® defines the best outcome that is possible given the current conditions and constraints.

Nature’s Intent

Nature is all about survival. To this end, she promotes all forms of life with her flawless incentive plan that inspires action by rewarding success. Through creation, evolution, mutation – or some mix of the three – all forms of life are naturally equipped for best-possible living. But unlike plants and animals that are pre-programmed for optimal life, we humans live by choice and have to find our own ways through a world of endless possibilities and pitfalls.

Advancement beyond mere subsistence works to assure survival. Advancement is part of nature’s plan, and by equipping all life forms for best-possible success, she enables large margins of safety for assured survival.

Let’s look at what this means. Because nature is about survival, we simply need to follow her lead. By doing all we can to live optimal lives, we are in harmony with nature while reaping the daily and lifetime rewards of wholesome living.

All that we do works either for or against nature. This is to say, our actions and decisions either honor or violate natural law. This holds true for all human endeavors, whether we’re working as individuals or as part of a company or similar organization. In this regard, the pursuit of BestPossible puts us in harmony with nature’s intent.

Symbiotic Profits

BestPossible profits are generated by best possible, win-win (symbiotic) relationships. In other words, our bottom line grows along with the profits of our constituents.

Companies are systems that function like machines, composed of independent parts that work in harmony to serve a greater need. And just as machines will sputter or fail when certain components falter, companies also require each of their parts to work smoothly and synergistically to achieve the best possible results.

In the free market, the various constituents of company determine its success, and they remain supportive only as long as they sufficiently profit from their involvements in the operation. This means that every enterprise must ensure system-wide profits (symbiotic profits) if it is to maintain the “machine” for best possible performance.

Five constituencies make up the foundation of every enterprise: Communities, customers, suppliers, employees and owners are the stakeholders upon whom a company depends to ensure its success. Unlike machines that have components enslaved to play their respective roles, the constituents of a company participate voluntarily and do so only as long as profits remain sufficient enough to justify their continued involvement.

Each company’s constituents work together like layers of a wedding cake; each group supports one another as long as they stay symbiotically wed by common purposes. But if a single layer crumbles, the integrity of the entire cake will be compromised until repairs are completed or replacements made.

Destination BestPossible

A company’s journey will be most successful when structured around a well-planned, proactive strategy aimed directly at Destination BestPossible. Through the BestPossible website and blog, our team will share its own path to BestPossible, and help visitors discover why self-imposed limits are often the greatest obstacles to success. Along the way, we will also share concepts and technologies – many of which are less demanding than standard accounting and costing systems – that our clients have used to feed creativity, leverage teamwork and boost earnings. As a result, the process of identifying, prioritizing and proactively capturing the best of your team’s opportunities is certain to create both a highly rewarding culture and a profitable future for your enterprise.

Because circumstances, capabilities and opportunities continually change, so does the state of BestPossible. The destination may appear to be a fixed point on the horizon, but, consistent with the unlimited power of human creativity, it moves away when approached. BestPossible improves as we improve. As such, there will never be an end to our opportunities and definitive rewards for our accomplishments.

Fields of Opportunities

Be it a personal endeavor, a company mission, a nonprofit venture or a public-sector service, every enterprise has a unique BestPossible upon which it can focus its efforts and identify a sharply defined objective.

Qualifying as a BestPossible enterprise doesn’t require you to have arrived at your destination. Your venture can be a BestPossible enterprise simply by proclamation! BestPossible occurs when you proclaim BestPossible to be your next day’s, month’s and year’s destination and when you start to plan and act accordingly.

Every operation has its own unique performance continuum, fields of opportunities and BestPossibles. BestPossible is a new name for a destination that has always been, and will always be, a viable target for company performance. What has changed is that we now possess the tools to identify precisely where we are relative to Destination BestPossible. Affordable technologies, similar to the now commonplace global positioning system (GPS), allow us to pinpoint both our current position and our destination under ever-changing circumstances, and then help us understand precisely what we need to do to get from Point A to Point B.