BestPossible Solutions, Inc. (BestPossible) is the nucleus of the BestPossible movement, paving the way for leaders to achieve the best possible outcome of any endeavor given its existing capabilities and limitations.

To advance the movement, BestPossible Solutions offers the knowledge, resources and technology necessary to reliably generate growth and optimize profits. The proven concepts apply to companies of all sizes and any industry.

BestPossible® is a registered trademark issued to Eugene L. Bryan. This trademark symbolizes best achievable outcomes for all kinds of endeavors given under current capabilities and limitations.

GeneBryan2Eugene (Gene) L. Bryan
BestPossible Solutions, Inc.

Dr. Gene Bryan is an internationally recognized author, speaker and trailblazing authority on the subject of enterprise optimization. With nearly five decades of experience in the field, he has dedicated his career to equipping companies with the tools and skills they need to realize their own BestPossible. Major clients have included many Fortune 500 companies such as IT&T, International Paper, and Georgia Pacific, and his written work has been featured alongside industry peers such as Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard and Jack Welch.

Gene Bryan formed BestPossible Solutions, Inc. (BestPossible) in 1998 to continue the advancement of profit optimization technology and to help organizations reap its rewards. Prior to forming BestPossible, Bryan founded Decision Dynamics, Inc. (DDI) in 1966 and served as its CEO until he sold the company in 1997. Under his leadership, Decision Dynamics helped hundreds of companies optimize their operations for best possible profits.