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BestPossible Solutions

The mission of BestPossible Solutions (BestPossible), through its book series and blog, is to help individuals and organizations of people to achieve the best-possible outcomes for all kinds of their endeavors.

Recently Dr. Bryan switched gears to focus on writing and publishing a series of BestPossible books, each drawing on his long-proven and well-tested concepts for achieving optimal results from complex undertakings. His book-series will cover subjects ranging from BestPossible personal life management to enterprise optimization to nature-based freedom, peace and prosperity for citizens of communities of all kinds. All will be written to provide insights of immediate practical value.

Founder and Author

Dr. Eugene L. Bryan (Gene) is a widely recognized author, speaker and trailblazing authority on the subject of enterprise optimization. With five decades of experience in the field, he has dedicated his career to equipping companies with software and skills they need to realize their own BestPossible.

Gene Bryan formed BestPossible Solutions, Inc. (BPS) in 1998 to continue his advancements of optimization technology and to help companies reap its rewards. Prior to BPS, Bryan founded Decision Dynamics, Inc. (DDI) in 1966 and served as its CEO until he sold the company in 1997. Under his leadership, DDI has helped hundreds of US and foreign companies and major corporations optimize operations.

Dr. Eugene L. Bryan
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